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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Maybe I should write more bad things about Aberdeen! 2-0 against Motherwell. Plus, the scorer was Darren Mackie! The boy can't finish a jigsaw and he scores two! Happy days! Just need Liverpool to continue to beat Chelsea this afternoon and I'll be even happier (can't see it though).

Have the missus best mate staying this weekend. They started on the wine at lunch yesterday and ended 12 hours later. I missed the first 5 hours (hit the driving range in an attempt to get some practice) but had a cracking laugh. Ended up going to a local Thai place for dinner - the food is superb and I can't wait to go back.

Just wish this rain would stop! It's buggering up my plans (was going to get the bike out and give it a thrashing, but it's chucking it down so that's out).

Wish I had sky so I could settle in to watch the Liverpool game...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

So, nothing new happens really. Aberdeen start the season poorly, and save the best performance so far for a testimonial against Everton. Typical! But as the player in question is a friend of my brother, it's a worthy game and he deserves it. Russell for Scotland (Come on Walter, what are you playing at....) Highlight for me was Willie Miller (Scotland and Aberdeen legend, European Cup Winner) saying that Russell has achieved more than he had in the game. Really? 10 seasons of SPL action, 2 cup final defeats (very bad season 2000 - nearly relegated and two cup finals!). Willie won what? 10 medals? Maybe 11? 5 league winners medals, 2 european medals, 65 caps for Scotland. Enough said, but Willie - you must have been on the happy pills when you said that!

Last night I found myself in Droitwich which would appear to have two curry houses, a dodgy looking brasserie and a few bars. So we went for a second curry in a row to Spice Fusion. Decoration was somewhat garish, the food was pretty good, but nothing outstanding. (Chicken Makhani btw - should never be served with a craft cheese slice in the top) Having one curry a week up here I know there are better in the area. Dilshad the night before was good, but why serve everything in Balti dishes! Just makes it harder to eat! Although one of our number found himself seeing a lot more of the toilet in the night than he would like after that one...Serves him right for eating most of the menu... :-)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Mandela Day

Oh, and it would appear that the Aberdeen team who are doing pre-season in South Africa are to meet Nelson Mandela. That'll be the highlight for next season, then....
So, it would appear to be hot and sweaty in London again. However, I spent the day in Coventry (something we used to joke about in the office - you know when your in trouble when they send you to Coventry - well, they have). So an hour across London on the train and tube and then spent an hour coming across London by tube on the way home. Now, this was not a pleasant experience - it was hot, sweaty, and very crowded. The reason? Waterloo was closed because of a fire alert. No more details, like when it would reopen or the like, or even if I could get to vauxhall and get my train from there. This would at least have meant I'd see some daylight and some fresh air (if that exists in central London).

So all that put me in a cracking mood tonight. Ah well, only have to do it all again tomorrow...Joy.
So further to my last post about brake fluid service, I made some phone calls. Turns out it's about half hour labour and fluid to do a brake fluid service on my car, which makes the 120 quid seem even more rediculous! So after some phoning around have managed to get it down to 70 quid inc vat. What does annoy me (a lot!) is that this is also at a main dealer. It is also part of the same group who wanted to charge me 120 quid! How? I've no idea. They are less than 5 miles apart and the service is the same (they even offered to book me in for a one hour slot which includes the time it takes to wash the car - now that is very much needed!)

One annoyance is that I found somebody had scratched the car. It's only small, looks like a handbag in a car park. Very annoying.

Oh, and look at www.beedogs.com. Very amusing, if very scary.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

OK, so here's the thing. I'm useless at keeping this thing up to date. I have no excuse other than I slipped out of the routine. Ah well, so be it, but I've been very busy!

So what's been going on in the 6 weeks or so since I posted last? Well, I've been to Amsterdam for a stag weekend (great fun, but the realisation that we were all over 30 made things interesting! Late nights and long lies were the order of the day, can't party like I used to!), been to Germany for some world cup games with a couple of very good friends living in a camper van (the less said about the van the better. It stank by the end of the 10 days, and was hotter than hell).

So what else? Well, I'm to be an usher at my mates wedding next year in September (thankfully, not the same weekend as my brother gets married, but only 2 weeks prior!) and I'm really looking forward to them both. It's a real honour to be asked and I'm chuffed to bits. Plus, it means I can now have an input into both stag do and the best mans speech. Fortunately, the German trip provided great input for both :-)

I've also been getting annoyed at the costs of running the car - having serviced it in January it now needs a brake fluid change (every 2 years apparently) at 120 quid!!! May need to see if I can do this somewhere other than a main dealer....

Right enough for now, got to check in to a hotel so I can watch the 2nd semi final of the World Cup tonight. Come on France! Playing well and led by Zidane, a footballing great if ever there was one.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Sync Software

Have come across a piece of microsoft software called sync toy. For those of you with external hard drives or backups for you digital photos, this is great - it will run (when you tell it) and echo the folder contents. Easy to use and very helpful. Oh, and it's free.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Well, it would appear that I find myself in some real rubbish hotels.

This one, which shall rename nameless, is not great. It's in Worcestershire and is somewhat shabby. The bar feels like an old staff canteen mixed with an old 70's style pub. It has green padding around the bar (nice touch). It's only saving grace is a pub called the Bear and Ragged Staff (look it up in beer in the evening web site). Food was superb, great pork steak with puy lentils and pink peppercorns. Fantastic. Plus, they had a morgan owners meeting so the place was full of very smart Morgans. Great!

Still trying to get fitter, went to the hotel gym (not great but not the worst hotel gym I've been in) and still trying to eat and drink more healtily. Getting there, but going to take a while!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Spotted...Arsene Wenger

Did you see this man leaving an east end London hotel at the weekend?


My friends know that I have issues with certain things (James Blunt for example - how???). Chip and Pin is one of them. I've never been convinced that it's any safer as anyone can look over your shoulder and see you enter your pin. Once they have that, it's fair game. There are stories of shops aiming video cameras over tills to see peoples pins. And it seems this is what may hav ehappened at Shell Petrol stations.


To me, it's a stupid idea but as it's been deployed all over the place (including Barcelona I noted last week) it's never going to change. I suspect I may have to learn to live with this one, but I don't think it's any better than signing your name. If anything, it's worse.

Friday, May 05, 2006

weighty issues

Those who know will say that I don't need to lose weight (they may think it, but nobody ever tells me). Anyway, after the Barcelona trip and the cold months, it's time for me to lose some weight. So I've eaten salad for lunch all week, with healthy dinners. I should add that the night we got back from Barcelona we went and got a takeaway curry, but let's skip over that for now.

I've even (god forbid) been to the gym! Twice! Am feeling better for it so think I'll keep it up for a bit. After all, I need to lose some to trim up a bit. I wouldn't look a fantastic sight on the beach at the moment....more whale than baywatch.

Anyway, this weekend will be spent with friends, relaxing, drinking and eating. Hardly the best way to lose weight however they do say you need to laugh to lose weight and there will be plenty of that. Roll on tonight and the first drink!

Talking of drink, haven't had any since I started this fitness thing. Well, I had a glass of cider last night as we had to use some in a marinade for dinner (fantastic it was, both dinner and the cider). Hmm, could it be that my old age means that I am beginning to appreciate cider?

Some more on Barcelona.

It's a fantastic city, I loved it. The weather was good as it was in the low to mid 20's all the time, which is perfect for exploring and wandering about it. Glorious sunshine all day with a 10 minute blast of rain in the early evening which was fine as that's when we were getting ready to go out for the night!

Some tips and things I noticed....

It's not the type of place where you feel uncomfortable (although on the first night we were in some areas where we felt we wanted to get out quickly). The thing with it is, it's no worse than any other big city, and as I live in London I didn't feel any different. What I did notice - the streets were clean (mostly!) and never too busy which is great.

PLaces to go - drinks and dinner you have to try the Born district, down at the bottom of the Ramblas and over behind port olympic. In fact, it's probably nearer the Barceloneta. It's bordered by carrer de la princessa and viva laietana. Lots of little squares and trendy bars. Great. The other places we went to were down Port Olympic, which was nice and a great location but it didn't really feel like Barcelona.

We had dinner in a wee tapas place at the bottom of the Ramblas one night before going to Neu Camp, which was brilliant! watched the game against Cadiz. which they won 1-0.

The other place which was great for morning coffee was Poblenou. Very local but a big long street with lots of trees and nice coffee places. Actually, there was a fantastic place on the beach where we had coffee that was great.

Anyway, more soon.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


You turn up for a tour of the Barcelona FC Stadium, and the worlds best player just happens to be there....I missed the shot of him doing keepie ups.... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 20, 2006

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Checkered meal

Well, a return trip to Chesters in Worcester was had last night. Service was slow last night, but with 3 others there the banter was flowing and lots of laughs were had. The place was busy but they seriously need to sort out the music, it was rubbish last night. Too many bassy dance tracks followed by chart pop - make your mind up! I mean, how hard can it be to chose the right music in a restaurant?

Food was fine, refried bean parcel to start followed by chilli beef Chimichanga and a mountain of brown rice. I've never seen so much rice in my life, it would have been enough for 3 people at least. Plus it was brown rice, which is so chewy it's unreal. Bit of salad on the side but it was very tasty. Far too much though!

Usual problem of refried beans is making it's appearance in the office this morning. May have to open the windows soon....

One of the guys mentioned that Bluebeckers for ribs, will need to check it out in surrey sometime. They seems to be a place in Hampton Court, could be worth a trip.

We ended the night going on, as all good techies do, about the joys of microcode and fixing someone elses code. Always a joy :-)

A quick mention must be made to the joys of the customer canteen. It's crap. Don't go there. It's the only place I've ever had a veg hotpot where the potatoes were not cooked through. I mean, how much effort does that take to get right!!!

Friday, April 14, 2006


With an impending trip to Barcelona on the cards it was suggested that last nights dinner be had at a new tapas place (I say new - autumn last year was when it opened!) in Ryanes Park. It's next to a great place called the Aviary and is owned by the same people. So we popped down to Bar 191. Ordered a very nice Vionier (they have great wine - lot of French stuff but always good). We had 5 things, of which the meatballs were great, but the star was the baked Aubergine. Loved it. The patatas Bravas were good, but were basiaccly big chips with some sauce on them. Not quite what I had in mind but very pleasant.

Good meal, great wine, and a very nice place. Staff were friendly and prompt service. And it came in under 40 quid. Superb.

They do mains as well as tapas, next time I'd try one main for sharing and some tapas to go with it - the pork kebabs looked fantastic.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Unrelated but interesting....

How come the mafia boss was found the day after Berlusconi lost the election....

Latin America....in yorkshire?

Saturday night was spent in Yorkshire visting friends. The whole weekend was fantatsic, it was great to catch up with people who we'd not seen in ages.

Saturday day the boys headed to play golf. I can't remember the name of the club, I'll dig out my scorecard as it's on there. Really nice place, they'd spent a LOT of money on it. Won the sweepstake there anyway on the National :-) Also, great food! Bacon and Egg butty - just what was needed at the time as the weather was blooming awful. Driving into the wind, I creamed a 3 iron only to see it get caught in the wind and travel 60 yards instead of over 200. Gutted. Good fun though!

Saturday night was spent in Bobo Lobo, a latin American place in the middle of York. Decor wise, it's great, although be warned - it's a LONG walk to the toilets and a LOT of stairs! My advice, stick with the Mexican stuff - huge platefuls and it looked and tasted great. Not as good as the mexican in Wimbledon (Tu Chicas - a local of ours) but still very good. A few beers afterwards - bar 1331 I think and once called Oscars. Such nice bars with late opening, what in my mind late night drinking should be about - decent music (not too loud), great beer and great company. 3am was a bit late for my bed mind, I'm getting on a bit these days :-)


Sunday, headed over to Cattal to meet my uncle and aunt who live in Harrogate. Was really nice to catch up with them, not seen them in ages. Went to the Victoria pub in Cattal for lunch - was fantastic. The Lime cheesecake was possibly the best I've ever had.

The weekend made me realise just what a difference the late night drinking laws make when you can be sensible about it. Around us it's just a cheaper night by not going to a club. Too much loud music and too many chavs wasted on Stella. I wonder if I should be looking to get out of SW London and find somewhere where the bars are more like those we found in York. Maybe I need to spread my wings and find other bars, I think there are a couple in the village here that may be better for what I have in mind, although I suspect the people in them will be less like what I would like. Will see....

Tonight, heading out for dinner but who knows where. The missus has demanded that we start the weekend with a bit of a bang as it's easter so we are off for 4 days. I'm all up for that :-)

Monday, April 03, 2006


So last week I ended up in Malvern for a night. This is both a good and a bad thing. On the plus side, it's a stunning little town, with the hills right behind you. It's really nice and the kind of place you forget exists in the world of London village. The hotel is a vast old building which, I think, used to be where the clergy lived for the next door abbey. The views from the back of the hotel are gorgeous, looking straight down the vale as far as the eye can see. However, my view was of the car park entrance at the front. This is the bad bit. The room was clean and nicely decorated (certainly a lot better than the Fownes!) however they have these phones that I don't like. They have a display on them that glows , it's backlight with a bright green. This keeps me awake at night. Over breakfast the following morning, a collegue owned up to covering his every time he stayed with a pair of pants. Mental note: Never use the phones in that hotel!!!!!

The other downside to this hotel is the drive to work. I left at 7:30 and it took 40 minutes to get to the office. A real pain in the ass. Oh, and one more thing. To the barman - it's never too much hassle to change a barrel, and you can trust people to wait while you do it....I had meant to mention in my last post, we started that night in the Swan with two nicks - a real pub, old beams, lot's of beer and whisky. The round cost £3.90, with mine mates pint costing £1.30. A pint. Madness.

On to dinner. Having waited for another collegue for ages (we caught him out later when he said his tv wasn't working properly that he had been watching tele!) we headed to the Bengal Brassarie. This place was chosen on the basis, as my collegue said, he wanted a dirty curry. The other curry house we like in Malvern is quite posh and modern inside, this one isn't. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice place, just not up to the Anupam. Some poppadoms and dips were the starter (as always!), although they impressed me with the lime pickle which we don't see all the time. I then had the Chadli chicken. It was nice, not too hot, tomato based sauce with yoghurt I think. It was a few days ago now and my brain can't recall it! All in all, everybody had a good meal, very tasty and we will be back there soon....

At the weekend, we ventured out with some friends to a local Mexican place called tu chicas. While the decor leaves a lot to be desired, the food was superb. Everything Chimichangas wasn't. We shared the starters - some bbq nachos (superb!), jalepenos with cheese filling deep fried (so much better than the earlier effort this week - they were fresh and with a nice chilli bite to them). Some breaded mushrooms and a rack of ribs completed the starters (there were four of us I should add!). The ribs came in a bbq sauce, different to the nachos. There were so many ribs! meat was cooked perfectly, they just fell of the bone. For mains, I'd always steered clear of the chilli as it comes with a warning that it's hot, but feeling brave and egged on by my mate, we both went for it. It was superb. They apparently add some tequila to it, and would never know. It was really dark and looked like a chilli should. It came with guacamole, cheese, salsa and sour cream, and loads of tortilla chips. Nobody was able to finish as there was so much food, everybody loved it. We drank margaritas all night which was a bit of a mistake as the cold gave my friend a headache and mine took me an hour to drink! They came in little glasses with a sleeping mexican with a sombrero on the stem. Told the decor was class.... :-)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Options and opions....

It's time to decide what to do with this. I think that rather than a daily blog, which I didn't get into the habit of, it's best that this becomes a repository for my thoughts on pubs, restauarnts and hotels of places I go on business. Where possible, I'll show you photos, but don't bank on that.

So, to get us started....

Spent a night in Worcester, staying at the Fownes Hotel. It's in the middle of town, and I stay there a lot. The hotel used to be a glove factory and has been converted into a hotel, sometime in the 80's I think. I've never eaten dinner there, but breakfast is ok, good selection of juices, fruit and cereals. The fat boy option is also good, with additions of black pudding and hash browns! Staff are young and can hardly say two words to you. Always look bored and often a tad scruffy. The rooms are in need of updating, but are usually a reasonable size. The heating can be very hot and can also make the odd noise. The tv does have satellite tv, but it's restricted to Sky news and sky sports news, not sky sports itself (most annoying!!!!). The bathrooms are not great, the shower heads are too low and they are a bit institutioanl. Overall, it;s not bad value for money and it's right in town close to the decent pubs and restaturants.

Ate at Chimichanga last night. Mexican place on one of the main streets. It looks great, nice decor and the staff were pretty good. We actually tried to get into the other Mexican we like (Chesters) but it was full. This place we suspected didn't make all the stuff onsite. For example, my jalepeno peppers filled with cream cheese were out of a packet, but tasted pretty good. Chicken Burrito was decent, nice rice and black beans and not too expensive (was under a tenner). The beer selection was poor, with only three bottled beers and no draft, but it was well presented in an iced glass. Was under £24 a head, all had starters and 2 drinks. Overall feeling - was ok, would go back but only if Chesters was full. I'll write it up next time we go there. Tonight is a trip to Malvern and a curry....

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


OK, I admit it, I'm useless. It's been over a week since I last updated this thing! For which, I'm most sorry. It was a very busy week in which I turned 30 and when I get a minute I'll write some more about it. It did involve cheesy dancing in two nightclubs....

Oh, and here is a link to a great blog!


Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Well, last night I went off to see Beth Orton in Shepherds Bush. She was awesome!!!!

She had the whole place focused on her, nobody there was talking (my big annoyance at places like Brixton) and I remembered why I love Shepherds Bush Empire so much.

The new songs really worked for me, we were nice and close and could see all her facial expressions which really helps at a live gig (I'm usually stuck at the back somewhere). I think she played the entire new album, and having listened to it again today coming up in the car it makes SO much more sense having seen her sing it live. Thoroughly recommended gig!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Oh dear lord my head hurts.

A most enjoyable afternoon watching the rugby along with some (england supporting) friends made it even sweeter. And I took a tenner of my mate :-)

Afterwards, up to the pub where a surprise visitor in the form of a mate from work who'd decided to drive from Salsbury just for a few beers. Cracking.

We ended up in the worst nightclub in the world, called Watershed, in Wimbledon. However, fuelled by Sambuca we ended up on the stage dancing all night. A very enjoyable night out! Now, I'm just waiting for the family to arrive and my headache will be complete :-)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Glutton for punishment

I really am a madman. Last night I volunteered to go to Ikea on my own. I really should learn to think before opening my mouth. Anyway, the deed was done, and having spent a glorious 40 minutes on the car park that is the North Circular in rush hour, I got there. Amazingly, they had everything I needed, so a quick hot, skip and a jump and it was done.

Well, apart from loading the stuff in the car...I'd bought a small wardrobe to act as an overflow for the study. Only small wardrobes made from particleboard and blooming heavy! That, some kitchen units to cover up the boiler and a couple of shelf units and my job was done. Last night I made the wardrobe up (minus the doors and drawers). This has been a god send as the study has been very uncomfortable for a while as a result of a duff unit taking over the whole room. That and my missus leaving all her boxed up stuff that hasn't been unpacked since we moved in in there. I swear, I've nearly broken my toe three times in the last 2 weeks by falling over this stuff. Anyway, it's done now and looking good. It's a great feeling when you made some improvements to your home and they really work out well. Well chuffed.

Tonight will be quiet in preparation for a busy weekend - as it's my 30th next week it's the first round of parties this weekend. Bring it on!

Oh, and Come on Scotland!! Need a victory in the six nations to keep me in a good mood!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Strong lager hurts the head in large doses.....

Myself and a collegue took the client for dinner last night. Went to a very pleasant Thai (my favourite place in Worcester for dinner) having gone to the pub beforehand. It was then suggested that we go to the pub after dinner as well, which is fine, although the pub in question sells Staropramen. Three of those and I was feeling great (at the time). Back in the hotel, I fell asleep with the tv on and woke up at 4am with some really bad quiz show on which confused me just a bit. Went back to sleep and when I woke this morning I felt really rough!

Ah well, lessons to be learnt.

Talking of lessons to be learnt, you really would think people would learn not to run some systems on windows.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ikea....Well, managed to leave last night having only spent 26 quid. It has to be a miracle! Although this comes with a word of warning as there will be a further trip now that things have been measured up. It was also restricted as I'm a tad impatient and couldn't be bothered to wait to order a new mtaching kitchen unit to go over the boiler we fitted last year. Ah well, it's just delyaing the inevitable I guess.

Oh yeah, go to www.google.com and type "March 20th". I can hardly wait :-)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Today is a hectic day, as was yesterday.

Yesterday was spent busying myself with work - lot's to try and get done as quickly as possible to enable me to get with the next project. Evening was spent trying to organise my drinking habits.

It is my 30th birthday next week (Wednesday, since you didn't ask), so i have been trying to organise meeting up with friends to celebrate (if that is what you do on your 30th). It's now looking like a busy time!

Saturday brings with it rugby, so it will be spent in the pub watching England no doubt beat my boys. However as I live in London, this brings it's own challenges. Putting up with the gloating for example, when England beat a team that, to be quite honest, they should beat as they are (on paper anyway) a much better team. Saturday night will be be the first birthday party, but it'll be a few drinks and probably dinner in my little part of London. Sunday, the girlfriends parents, sister, her husband and two littles ones are coming over. That'll be interesting, as we've not seen the little ones in a while and the little one is only just over 6 weeks old. Only hope he's not sick on my sofa!

Monday night brings a gig at Shepherds Bush, with Beth Orton being on stage. Bit of a good one this, as it was the first gig I took the other half too so it has sentimental reasons, even if the music doesn't exactly uplift you, her voice does.

The main organisation has been with the Scotland leg of the birthday. This has proved to be chaos, partly as it's also the Grandparents 80th the same weekend. However, it's all taking shape and more details will no doubt follow.

Today however brings much sadness. For it is today that the much put off trip to Ikea occurs. Oh, be still my beating heart....Will let you know the outcome....

Monday, February 20, 2006

OK, so I said I wouldn't mention football much, but it's a Monday so that's ok. I feel really sorry for Alan Smith after what happened to him on Saturday. It's horrible the way it happened and I wish him all the best in getting his leg sorted out.

Secondly - what do Aberdeen have to do to get a top six place in the SPL! Everyone above us took points at the weekend which means we just stay in touch. However...a look at the run into the top six split shows that Caley have a harder run in so that should mean we end up with more points. You live in hope.....

The weekend - enjoyable trip to Kingston for some shopping yesterday. One of those weird trips where you don't go for anything in particular and come back with loads of stuff - the best kind of shopping! I should add that my other half did most of the shopping....That's women for you. Miserable weather though!

One of the other things that I should talk about is music. I really enjoy music of all sorts, and try to go to a few gigs (if it wasn't for the dates of them, or the cost of tickets, I'd go to more!). Recent find (courtesy of the girlfriend) is Jose Gonzalez. He did the music in the Sony advert for the Bravia with the bouncing balls in San Francisco (they actually did that for real - it wasn't CGI!!!). It's quite short, but very folky.

On the subject of gigs...We go to Brixton quite a lot as it's close to home, and they get great people going there. We saw Goldfrapp the other week, and while the music was superb there was one aspect that really annoyed me - people talking!! Now, I'm aware there will always be a certain amount of chat at gigs ("you want another pint?", "I love this song", "that dancer is very nice!" etc etc,) however some people go there for a social night out and chat throughout the while thing! The result of this is a build up of noise in the venue and during slower songs all you hear is the buzz of conversation. It ruins it, and puts the artist off. Damien Rice suffered from this a lot as his songs are mainly quiet. He offered to give everyone who was talking 20 quid & the booking fee to go home/pub/street/somewhere else. Your paying your money to see the artist on stage, not to chat to your mate you've not seen in a few weeks who's best friend is doing whatever. Please, if you want to go to gigs and catch up with your mates, just don't. You wouldn't go to the cinema and talk. You wouldn't go to the theatre and talk. So don't go to gigs and do the same. It's a live performance, enjoy it! Rant over....

Saturday, February 18, 2006

So, what does Stand Free mean?

Perhaps I should explain a bit more about the name for this blog. You see, I was born and bred in Aberdeen in the frozen north east of Scotland. It's a great wee place, full of granite, rain, drizzle, snow and occasional sunshine. It was home for many years until work pulled me away to the bright lights of Scotlands capital. Actually, the wish to Auld Reekie was more than that, but more on that later no doubt. Anyway, there is a football team in Aberdeeen who, for rather obvious reasons, are called Aberdeen Football Club. Original, eh? While I lived in Aberdeen I was a season ticket holder there and would routinely shout and scream and sing along. One of songs that was sung is called Stand Free. This song is now sung at other teams, however it started up in Aberdeen. It's a cheery little dittie and goes along the lines of....

Stand Free, wherever you may be
We are the famous Aberdeen
And we don't give a f***, whoever you may be,
Because we are the famous Aberdeen.

Repeat, until you get bored, lose your voice, or something more interesting happens on the pitch (not all that often in the late 90's while watching Aberdeen).

So there you are. However, this blog won't be about football, so don't worry too much about the name, it just reminds me of home :-)

Just while we are on the subject though, Aberdeen were a superb side in the 80's. I recently watched some DVD's of the team playing in Europe in the 80's under Sir Alex Ferguson (now a Man Utd legend as well) and we played Real Madrid off the park. Unbelievable to think it really.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Still playing...

OK, so I'm still playing with this thing and have changed my user name. Should a certain other blogger about find this blog, the user name will make a lot of sense to him....Hello there, GF.


While enjoying lunch, I put on the Winter Olympics. While I don't enjoy the ice dance stuff, the fast stuff is great. So, the luge, tea tray, bobsleigh, ski-ing and snowboarding are all well supported here. However, having thought for a while that the luge was the best possible winter sport, I've come across Snowboard Cross.

Snowboard cross is like moto cross, only on snowboards. There do appear to be some rules, which are just about adhered to. The 4 nutters, as surely you have to be a cast off from the luge to complete, start at the top of a hill and race to the bottom going round a variety of twists, turns and jumps. It's fast, and very mad.

The site of 4 woman bombing down a track was quite appealing....however the final was one of the best pieces of sporting action I've seen in years (well, since last summer when Liverpool pulled back being 3 goals down at halftime to win the european cup). All 4 are evenly skilled. All 4 are giving it stick down this hill. 2 wipe each other out, with one ending up leaving the track and going through the safety fence. The leader pulls out an enormous lead - she would win her 3rd gold. She decides on the last jump, in front of all the fans in the grandstand at the finish to pull a wee trick by grabbing the board as she is in mid-air. But she drops it....crashes within 100m of the finish. The girl in second comes ploughing straight in to win the gold. Gutted.....

How stupid would you feel doing that? It's sown up, it's yours, you've won Olympic Gold, and then you show off and blow it when it's all yours. I don't even like to think about it....

An Introduction

Well, thought it was about time I started one of these things....Having spent many happy hours reading some other people it was about time I started one.

First up, an explanation of what this will or won't be about. By the name, do not interprete that this is about free speech, political standpoints, whatever. It's not. Nor will it ever be. The name, well that will become obvious over time. Or maybe not. Let's wait and see.

What this will be is a simple way of explaining and getting things off my chest. It won't be a tirade (well, not all the time - if it does, somebody tell me!) but will be a simple tale of everyday life.

Enough for now, lunch is calling....