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Saturday, May 05, 2007


A most enjoyable wedding was attended last night. A combination of a Scotsman marrying an english girl (there is trend here, as there are three weddings I'm going to in the next year where this is a scenario - including my own) involving drinking, dancing and laughing. Much fun was had, including teaching my other half some Scottish dancing.

This is one of the dances we did - of course we executed it in exactly the same standard! Link

Off for some lunch now, which will involve a bar and some more fun and games with some friends who are staying. Suspect it'll be a late night again.

Friday, May 04, 2007


I apologise for the randomness of todays posting.

Happy Star Wars day (think about it...)
And in honour, some Star Wars humour:

All that is wrong with X-factor - who gave this man a contract? Track 7 - Chasing cars...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

United they fall...

Oh what a sad state of affairs it is to see United lose like they did yesterday. The best footballing team in the Premiership, the most exciting going forward, looked utter pants last night.

So what can we learn from it? I think they have played some awesome football this year, however they lacked a bit of knowledge of European football. There are a lot of young players who need someone there to calm them down a bit. Uniteds away form in Europe has been patchy to say the least in the last few seasons, that needs to be stopped.

What needs to change? Well, they are missing a strong central midfielder to protect the defence (step forward, Mr Owen Hargreaves), who can play alongside Carrick in the centre of midfield. Scholes will play less in the next few seasons, Carrick will develop into his replacement. They need a replacement for Van Der Sar, who is getting on. They need to sort out the defence - the first choice of Vidic, Ferdinand, Neville and Evra are brilliant, it's when you introduce others it falls apart (Brown for example). Heinze needs to sort himself out as he was awesome until his injury last season.

Amazingly, I think they also need another striker, an out and out scorer of goals with a clever touch. Now, this may not go down well, but I think the answer is at Spurs - Berbatov. Fergie doesn't like buying outside the Premiership if he can avoid it and Berbatov is a prefect fit for them.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


An interesting phenonemon seems to be occuring on the net which I'm not sure I like. Cats are taking over.

I was in Flickr the other day and for some reason some photos were getting blocked. Turns out the privacy settings had kicked in and Flicr thought photos of my Dad's X5 were porn - random enough in itself. Then it asked me if I was sure I wanted to view it which I assured it I did. It then showed the photo and a button called "show me the kittens" which immediatly showed a lot of kittens on screen. Now, these were undeniably cute (if you like that sort of thing - my other thought it was brilliant), and has a sense of humour about it, it fuelled my thoughts that cats are taking over - hundreds of photos of cats!!! You Tube is the same.

So if I start sneezing while at my desk, the cat allergy has kicked in via the medium of the screen...

Also, I was sent this great link which which lets you see runs people have done in your area, and allows you to create your own as well (although, you need to sync your ipod nano to it first). Neat use of google maps from Nike.


Ah great joy. Another week, another early start, another 145 mile motorway journey. Uneventful and boring, although it was glorious weather.

Up for a few days in the midlands, fighting to keep a desk (although it's well marshalled), a few meetings, hotel, and a couple of games of squash.

Same as ever really...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Going Orange

So the Dutch season finishes with a bang!

Going into the last day of the season and three teams can win the league. AZ are top of the league on goal difference, followed by Ajax and PSV. All have the same points, only seperated by goal difference. AZ having a goal difference of 53, Ajax 5 behind, and PSV 1 behind that.

AZ lost 3-2, which ruled them out, although a bit gutting having led and having a much better goal difference. Ajax score two, which means they have a plus 3 goal difference which you would think is enough. Except PSV scored five and let one in, to win the league by one goal.


It's brilliant, and what football is all about. If you've not read it, I recommend reading "Brilliant Orange" which describes the Dutch football culture and why they play the way they do - perhaps we should not be surprised the season finished like that!