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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I think I've found my sport - finally managing to win a game in the evening! My nemesis has beaten me ever week on the squash court for weeks, so we had a badminton game last night which appears to have changed my luck. To be fair, the games were pretty close (but then so are our squash matched - Tuesdays game twice went to 12 points) so I'll not gloat yet. Well maybe just a little...

I'm expecting a quiet weekend on here this weekend - Holiday tomorrow involving 4x4 and golf and a retro games night with the boys - 3 Nintendo 64's have been resurrected along with a selection of the finest games of their time - Mario Kart 64, Perfect Dark and Goldeneye. The latter two are simply the best 1st person shooters ever made. Even today they are awesome - the graphics are a bit iffy but then the console is over 10 years old. However the gameplay is superb. Saturday is go-karting day, so I've packed my "I am the Stig" t-shirt in an attempt to scare the opposition in submission. To be honest, I don't think I'll need it ;-)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sometimes you just want to let out a yell. I've been using a tool for the first time in ages and you forget how painful it is. Particularly as the tool is a nightmare to work with at times.

Pressing delete on a diagram really means delete when all I want it to do is remove the box from the diagram...And this "feature" has put me back on quite a few occasions.

It reminds me of the editor we used to use called VI which I used on Sun Solaris. It was a nightmare to learn it's features, however once mastered it was a joy to use.
An interesting evening last night as we bid farewell to another project member. I bailed out after dinner and headed back to the hotel on a rescue mission - the smell coming from the boot of my car. I'd played golf after work on Monday and got soaked - I need my clubs this weekend and the bag was stinking. So I've left it to dry in the hotel, it should be fine.

Interesting move by Oracle I read about this morning. The have included an API in their E-Business Suite (which is a chargeable product) for support of Google Maps (which is free). It was bound to happen that someone would do it, it just surprises me that it's Oracle. Actually, it doesn't surprise me that much - Oracle have very little else to shout about and it's a straightforward thing to do, so why not make a song and dance - it'll get the share price up a bit anyway.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

There are times in life when you wonder how much C02 is produced to get an end product. Cow's for example, are well known to be one of the highest polluters of C02 of any animals. Completely hypothetically and coincidentally, the mind wanders to the work place - and it's possible to see lot's of hot air and no end product.

At least with a cow you get milk and a decent steak out of it...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Got up yesterday and went for a pre-lunch wander round Richmond Park. It looks amazing at the moment, no doubt helped by the vast amount of rain we've had. It's very green and lush. Saw some of the resident deers as well including one who was enormous!

Back to the flat for some lunch and to watch the Grand Prix. We missed the start as we were in the car, but that meant we could listen to it on the radio - Murray Walker was commentating and was just brilliant. The race itself had everything you could want and it's incredible how much chaos a bit of water makes to an F1 car.

After an afternoon in the shops (bit of a smash and grab run to Kingston to look in John Lewis, buy a shirt, get dinner and look for inspiration for wedding stationary - all of which were successful!) legged it back to watch the end of the golf. Brilliant final day. I went to hot some golf balls at the range and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of Asians at that range - I've never seen any of them on the course, but the range is FULL. Both sexes too, there was one couple were the woman was a much better player than her husband, who I don't think liked that very much!

We're trying to sell our flat at the moment, and that has prompted me to consider the TV input in the new place. We used to have Telewest for a long time, but have lived with Freeview for the last two years and managed just fine, although I miss the football. I would also like to get a digital recorder. So the options are
  1. Sky+
  2. BT Vision
  3. Telewest
  4. Freeview PVR
So Sky would be ideal, but it's expensive and we wouldn't need all the channels. I'd also have a hard time convincing the missus to get a dish on the house. Telewest is an option, some good deals on the packages, so that's a contender. A Freeview PVR might work, especially as you can get Setanta on it next season with Premiership and SPL on it (SPL coverage will include probably 3 Aberdeen games, and even then it'll be against the forces of darkness and just luck that it was us they were playing). BT Vision is an interesting one as they have bought the rights for time delayed coverage of the live Saturday games. Might be the one to go for, as you can get that and Setanta for 12 quid - bargain. I'd still miss out on some of the Champions League matches as the only way to get them is Sky Sports, but I've not missed a game I've wanted to see for two seasons as I've been working away and just gone to the pub.


Oh, and this is genius - Remember - "It's not an iphone, it's a big ass table"