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Monday, July 17, 2006

Mandela Day

Oh, and it would appear that the Aberdeen team who are doing pre-season in South Africa are to meet Nelson Mandela. That'll be the highlight for next season, then....
So, it would appear to be hot and sweaty in London again. However, I spent the day in Coventry (something we used to joke about in the office - you know when your in trouble when they send you to Coventry - well, they have). So an hour across London on the train and tube and then spent an hour coming across London by tube on the way home. Now, this was not a pleasant experience - it was hot, sweaty, and very crowded. The reason? Waterloo was closed because of a fire alert. No more details, like when it would reopen or the like, or even if I could get to vauxhall and get my train from there. This would at least have meant I'd see some daylight and some fresh air (if that exists in central London).

So all that put me in a cracking mood tonight. Ah well, only have to do it all again tomorrow...Joy.
So further to my last post about brake fluid service, I made some phone calls. Turns out it's about half hour labour and fluid to do a brake fluid service on my car, which makes the 120 quid seem even more rediculous! So after some phoning around have managed to get it down to 70 quid inc vat. What does annoy me (a lot!) is that this is also at a main dealer. It is also part of the same group who wanted to charge me 120 quid! How? I've no idea. They are less than 5 miles apart and the service is the same (they even offered to book me in for a one hour slot which includes the time it takes to wash the car - now that is very much needed!)

One annoyance is that I found somebody had scratched the car. It's only small, looks like a handbag in a car park. Very annoying.

Oh, and look at www.beedogs.com. Very amusing, if very scary.