A tale of a Scotsman living in SW london...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

So, nothing new happens really. Aberdeen start the season poorly, and save the best performance so far for a testimonial against Everton. Typical! But as the player in question is a friend of my brother, it's a worthy game and he deserves it. Russell for Scotland (Come on Walter, what are you playing at....) Highlight for me was Willie Miller (Scotland and Aberdeen legend, European Cup Winner) saying that Russell has achieved more than he had in the game. Really? 10 seasons of SPL action, 2 cup final defeats (very bad season 2000 - nearly relegated and two cup finals!). Willie won what? 10 medals? Maybe 11? 5 league winners medals, 2 european medals, 65 caps for Scotland. Enough said, but Willie - you must have been on the happy pills when you said that!

Last night I found myself in Droitwich which would appear to have two curry houses, a dodgy looking brasserie and a few bars. So we went for a second curry in a row to Spice Fusion. Decoration was somewhat garish, the food was pretty good, but nothing outstanding. (Chicken Makhani btw - should never be served with a craft cheese slice in the top) Having one curry a week up here I know there are better in the area. Dilshad the night before was good, but why serve everything in Balti dishes! Just makes it harder to eat! Although one of our number found himself seeing a lot more of the toilet in the night than he would like after that one...Serves him right for eating most of the menu... :-)