A tale of a Scotsman living in SW london...

Friday, May 18, 2007

Late night music

Late night last night, trying to fix a wireless issue. Now resolved, but meant leaving the office about 3 hours later than I would normally to get back to London. On the plus side, the drive home was bliss with no traffic on the M25 at all, so did it in record time: and no, I wasn't speeding officer! I had cruise set the whole time. Bit of chilled out music on the stereo (Zero 7 and then some Beth Orton) and all was good in the world.

I actually changed the CD's in the autochanger yesterday for the first time in ages. Zero 7 is a great CD to have in the car on evening/late night drives where you just pass the miles by on the motorway and I forgot just how good it was. It got me thinking about bands I'd seen live with my other half as we'd seen Zero 7 and loved it. I've been to more gigs in the last few years in London than ever, in fact I'd only been to about 5 before that (although, that included REM at Murrayfield, Oasis at the same place and U2 at Celtic Park which was just brilliant). It also included Neil Finn, who is one of my favourite musicians who I've seen a couple of times now as well. We've had to cut down on gig going at the moment as all the money we would normally spend on gigs is going into the wedding fund, but one we had to get is Beth Orton with Bert Jansch and Bernard Butler at Somerset House. It's going to be such a summer highlight for me. Can't wait.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


A most enjoyable game of squash last night, although we must both have been tired (or fitter?) as I was not nearly as purple as I was after the last game. This was followed up by a meal in Amigos, where as always, the food was good buut we had to wait for it. At least you know it's fresh!

Our new office is taking shape with people settling into where they are supposed to be. One collegue has decided he wants to stay in the old office as the new office has a few connectivity issues. His rants over processes and paperwork are pretty annoying, and have led me to ensure the reason he isn't in the correct place (wireless access) is resolved quickly so I can get on with my work and not listen to bleating all day long.

Wedding update: the current search for a photographer is ongoing. There is however now a shortlist, and so some meetings need to be setup to meet with them and look over their work in more detail. There is so much more to it than you'd imagine, with the current big debate being if we should go digital or film. Film has an appeal for old times sake, although as my other half and her sister have an issue with photos in that they always have their eyes shut in them, there is a risk that all the photos have me grinning like a goon and her with her eyes shut.

Decisions, decisions....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another day, another game of squash. Played again last night with a collegue, and we are definitely getting better! I'm a little worried as at some point his fitness will improve and I could be in trouble then, but the shots are beginning to come back now. Have semi mastered the forehand off the back wall, but still struggle with the same shot on the backhand. I mean, I know the theory on how to do it, just need to practise it!

Playing again tonight, see if the body will hold up as last night was a hard game that took it out of me (few aches and pains), tonight will be the same if not more so.

Work have gone admin crazy. They have implemented a new system to track holidays and probable hours that you'll work. Which is rediculous, as there is already a system for booking holiday, the resource people know when you project end date is, and for the majority of people, the hours are pretty standard throughout the year. So a nice way of creating more work while already having the information available.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Football chat

So, the feeling I had has happened - Sheffield now want to get the Premier League to be 21 clubs next season. Never going to happen. I mean, fair enough, Tevez has saved West Ham single handed and Sheffield may not have got relegated had West Ham not had him, but it's over.

As with all these things though, there is too much money riding on it for them to let it lie...

Silly season has started with Aberdeen now as well, with claims Garry O'Conner could be coming to Aberdeen. Get a grip - he's on 17K a week. The highest paid player at Pittodrie is on about 3K a week so you can see if that'll come off...When we can't sign a player from Holland because his transfer fee is 70K, you get the idea of Scottish football finances.