A tale of a Scotsman living in SW london...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ah, what bliss the weekend was.

For the first time since September, I woke up in my own bed on Sunday morning. This has been the result of two weddings and a friends party, so it was a huge relief. To celebrate, breakfast was cooked while watching the excellent "Hot Fuzz". If you can imagine any police film from the 90's, this parodies the lot of them. Genius.

Saturday night was spent with friends in Weybridge to celebrate a friends birthday. So drinks were had on the house before reliving our youth by drinking bottles of beer in the street as walked to the curry house. As we walked along the street of very expensive houses (1M+), we pondered what we looked like - 12 of our number are well educated and with good jobs, one of whom is a solicitor, all in our late 20s, early 30s and all drinking in the street. Caused some amusement amongst our group :-)

An excellent curry was had, back to the house and a game of Articulate was played. I'm not very good at games like this, but got lucky with my first set of questions as they were all easy to describe :-) I could hardly pronounce any of the second lot!