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Saturday, August 04, 2007

So, two points to make, albeit briefly (I've a BBQ to man!)

  • FMD strikes again and the whole world is going to melt. Actually, it won't, but some of the dubious sources and information being sent around the news would have you believe it was. Yes, a lot of cattle died last time. Yes, it cost a lot of money. Yes, it could happen again. Let's see what happens before panic sets in. The TV news coverage loves this stuff - it gives them a sense of purpose. Even that idiot they had on BBC this morning.
  • Fernando Alonso - hang your head in shame. For those not up with the story, Alonso was 2nd in the final qualifying with a few minutes to go for the Hungarian Grand Prix. His team mate, who was much quicker all session, is behind him on the track and so when Alonso pits for his final set of tyres, he sits there. This means, Hamilton cannot get new tyres and get back onto the circuit in time to start a final quick lap. Alonso get's pole position, demoting Hamilton to 2nd. Your a cheat, Fernando - beat him on the track if your man enough, but don't resort to Schumacher moves or you'll soon be very unpopular.

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Ghost Speaks

What a mad weekend.

Friday was spent with the old man and wee bro in stunning Perthshire. We'd got my Dad a 4x4 thing at Land Rover Experience - it was brilliant. Wee bro and I sat in the back and were amazed that we missed trees (although apparently stumps are a bit more optional...) rocks, deer, rabbits and lots of water. Brilliant, and Dad loved it. The afternoon was spent at Dunkeld & Birnham golf club. Tough little course, wild wind and very hilly but we had a great belated Fathers Day for Dad. That's the downside top living so far away but taking the time to do these things is what family is all about.

As for my mates, well what can I say. Friday was games night, and late, drunken, brilliant - any could describe it. All I'll say to Mr Brown is this - I can beat you at Pro Ev with 8 players :-)

Saturday was karting and after a slightly shaky start by some of the number ("can we stop for a minute? I don't feel well") we embarked on a kart marathon. Sweaty work, but at least it got rid of the booze. I don't wish to dwell on this for fear of embarrassing the others, so all I'll say is I have a large trophy at home now which the missus doesn't approve of.

The evening involved cowboy hats, sand, pint glasses, and lots of bad luck on the stag. That's all I can say :-)

Hateful drive back to London after what was a brilliant weekend, which took the edge of it a bit but got to see the missus when I got home before she was up and out the door by 6 to get a flight to Glasgow. In the past two weeks I've seen her 11 hours. Not really great that, but a new project role will help (perhaps to far the other way, as she'll be working on the same one as me!).