A tale of a Scotsman living in SW london...

Friday, February 13, 2009

A challenging but interesting week. The start of the week saw me trying to solve the challenges of an SAP call centre implementation from the perspective of documents being sent to the client. A bit of different problem but at the end of the day, not a major challenge to solve - it's an integration issue and one that is actually easy to solve. As such, it's very frustrating to know that I have a more challenging role to get to grips with while this keeps holding on.

The latter part of the week was a very different kettle of fish. This saw me trying to solve a very different beast - how do you solve a problem of monitoring movement, in a system you may, or may not, own. It's a much more complex beast to sort out and has really got the grey matter working hard!

The downside to this split personality is that I've spent all week away from my wife, and that's not something I like very much. Next week I've got some time off though as the project decided we all needed some time to spend relaxing at home so have given us all the day off. Which was nice of them! As it happens I was going to take the day off anyway, so this saves it for another day. The being away all week brings an interesting issue at home though, as my wife has been going mad as she has nobody really to talk to during the day at work as she is in a test room on her own, and then goes home and doesn't have me to talk to! So she's been keeping busy by going to her sisters and the like. It means that she wants to do loads this weekend and I just want to sleep, so we'll compromise somewhere along the way.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Ah, another week, another train to Leeds. Having commute to Worcester in the car for the last few years, the train is making a very pleasant change. You can work on it as you need to, and you can have the time to relax and read the paper, something I've not managed to do in years! In saying that, it only takes one bad train journey for me to revert to type and winge about the railways. My only comment about the trains operated on the east coast is that they are much older than the west coast Virgin trains as nobody has invested in the rolling stock on it. While they are clean and operate on time, they look old and feel tired inside, even in first. It compares badly to the trains you get on the continent, where they spent money on the trains to improve service and you can cross the continent in one in a reasonable amount of comfort. All the issues in the UK with road congestion could be helped with a better train service, as certainly in a lot of cases you can get to places by train.

However, it needs to be better value, and more flexible with it ticketing, for this to happen, along with better infrastructure when you actually get to your destination. As an example - Kings Cross has NO seating areas, no cafes, no bars. Hardly somewhere you are comfortable to wait for a train and doesn't make you feel you would travel through it in any kind of luxury. Even Waterloo has seating...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Well, I'm very pleased with myself. Got up this morning and went to a new B&Q warehouse that we've watched being built for the last few months. It's huge, not that we really explored it. The reason for going was to buy a new door for the hall airing cupboard. For a while now the old door has been self destructing, so a new one was badly called for. So having ensured the door would fit in the coupe, off we went. Purchases made, a gentle drive home early morning was called for. I then spent a couple of hours tailing the door to fit, getting the chisels out and making it just right.

Looks great if you ask me, and having never hung a door before I'm even more pleased!