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Friday, April 27, 2007

Cars and football

A nice drive back last night, although a bit late. But at least it gives me time to consider the next car (about a year away, but with a weekly 2.5 - 3 hour drive, your mind wanders). I'd thought of another BMW, but they cost so much money, so may not do that. Audi is similar, I like the A3 but why would you buy one when it's a rebadeged Golf and they are cheaper? Volvos new C30 looks interesting but would the missus let me get another 3 door when we've just got married? Can't see that one lasting long if we did go for it. So it needs to be a 4 door. Saab 93 is an option, but it's getting on a bit now. VW Golf is the same - 4 years into this run, will be replaced in 3 years. New Passat has a stunning interior, and with the new 170BHP TDI it would be in with a good shout. However let me throw a wild card - new Mondeo. By all accounts, it's as good as anything BMW and Audi have made (if not better), but it's 5K cheaper. I've seen one on the road, driving up the M40 (in a wierd traffic jam - between an Aerial Atom and a couple of supercars - AM DB9 and a yellow Gallardo). When they are officially released I'll need to have a closer look. Thing is, I like the RWD the BMW gives you, and you sit low in it which I like, so will see.

On another matter, for those who love football, isn't this a bit too scary?


Messi, being argentinian, probably knew the goal was similar and has even celebrated in the same way. It's magical to watch, almost as good as the Rooney goals for Utd this week (as if - this beats them easily!)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Well, managed to get thorugh yesterday without upsetting anyone (well, not to my knowledge anyway!)

Went to the hotel last night only to find they didn't have Sky Sports. So I put in a complaint card saying it wasn't there. I mean, why do hotels only give you 6 channels? (the standard 5 plus a sky channel, either Sky News or Sky Sports News?) I mean, it's not that hard to supply more channels, and would make me stay there again.

However, I suspect the reason is so that they can try and get more money from you as your bored and decide to buy a film instead.

It's not as though the place is cheap. I noted from the menu that a large glass of wine cost £7.45. You can buy a nice bottle for that!!

A long day of meetings ahead, with a late departure home. Great joy.

Oh, and happy minus 1 wedding anniversary to the missus - a year today I'll be getting married. Not that it's looming large over us at all...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Dear lord, I've been up for hours. It feels like I've not slept. For some bizarre reason, I just could not get to sleep last night. Eventually got off at some time after 1, and then was up again at 5:45 to drive to Worcester.

Suspect I may be a tad grumpy today.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Travelodge hell

"Travelodge - Everything you need, nothing you don't"

How apt. That doesn't seem to include customer service.

So I'd booked a room with them for two nights this week, as at the time that was all I needed. Turns out I now only need one night. No problem, as I've got a flexible rate I can change it up until 12 on the day. You try it...

Turns out, the way it does this is by making you a new booking, then cancelling the existing one. This works great unless the hotel is full, which it was. So the only way I could do it was to cancel my room and make another booking, with no guarantee I'd get a room. This was only explained after 25 minutes of hold music as the automated system couldn't do it either. Great customer service - you cannot break the phone system to talk to someone either. The phone system has to realise it can't help you either.

So I cancelled it, went to the Hilton up the road. Two minutes, talked to a really person, and I'll bet I get a room upgrade as I've got Silver VIP membership on their reward cards. And it's only £20 more expensive a night, which includes breakfast, so in all it's only about £10 more expensive as at the Travelodge it's extra.

In the days now where everybody wants cheap and easy, there are times when it goes too far. I'm sure Travelodge save a fortune in labour costs this way, but it doesn't exactly endear you to the brand does it? And when brand is all powerful, is that really something they can ignore?


This is great. Go to google maps, and get directions from New York to London. Number 24 would be, erm challenging!

Monday, April 23, 2007


First up - Atchoo in Lithuanian means "thank you". That kept us all very amused the other weekend.

Well, I've felt better over weekends. A stinking cold made it's intentions known on Friday and proceeded to take full effect on Saturday, receding slightly now. Still feel rubbish.

Saturday was spent looking at the number one wedding venue of choice for me and the missus. In reality, I should have stayed at home, but as it's a year to the day to the wedding it was important to get photos of the grounds to see what it's going to look like for our wedding. It looks amazing and we spent 2 hours there looking around. Discovered that it has a tennis court, which we'll never get to use but might be useful to lock my (to be, but feel like they are already) niece and nephew in with a football, and possibly my brother.

Afterwards, we went to a shopping village looking for dresses for my missus. I couldn't stand it (the cold was kicking in big style) so stayed in the car. Good result as she got a dress that she is more than happy with.

Saturday night was a lively one - me trying to stay awake with a lemsip and 2 boxes of tissues. Rock and Roll...

Sunday was playing with the niece and nephew as the cold had subsided a bit. They are very amusing. The eldest one (she's 4) said about her little brother (who's 1):

Erm, Mummy, my brothers interests are milk, winging, and stairs.

Brilliant. Not "my brother likes" but "his interests are". 4 going on 40.