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Friday, March 16, 2007

Calendar Entries

OK, for a while now I've tried to work out how to get my Lotus Notes calendar onto my mobile phone (a Sony W810i). I've even thought about buying a new PDA just to do this. I use the calendar as my main one for both work and socially, so having it on my phone would be great, but it never works as I use Notes and nobody ever supports that for the syncronisation.

Yesterday however, I had a euraka moment.

Having hunted about on Sonys web site, there is an application called Sync Station which syncronises "stuff" to your phone. It's aim is mainly Outlook (of course, as everyone uses it). However, in the very small print it says it supports Notes 6. Hmm thinks me, wonder if it would actually work with Notes 7? So I downloaded it and installed it and tried it out.

Nada. Doesn't list the Notes client as an option to sync with. So, thinks me, where is it getting the info from that says which version of Notes I use? A quick google throws up a possible solution. So I copy the Notes 7 reg key and create a new one called (wait for it) Notes 6. I then re-open the Sync Station client.

It now lists Notes as a valid source of calendar!! So I configure it (love this software for this) and it allows you to chose a date range for syncronising - I only really need the next 14 days on there, so it does this and will clean up old entries as well. I hit sync.

It works an absolute treat. My phone is paired to my laptop via bluetooth, and my calendar is now on the phone. I'm a very happy man.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I apologise for the late posting of this entry, however last night I stayed at a place a mere 10 miles out of Worcester and yet it felt like the back of beyond. No phones, no wireless, no mobile coverage....

So, I spent last night in the bar in the "pub with rooms" I was staying at. I'm sitting here with my laptop in the bar writing this up, listening to others peoples conversations as it's more interesting than the options papers I'm writing. However they are very funny and I can't help but listen in.

For example - Bloke to new girlfriend (I cant help thinking she has a boyfirend and shouldn't be here, don't know why)
but you tick all my boxes. Ooops, really shouldn't have said that. Did I say it out loud?.......really like this pub. Well, it's not really a pub.

Such a bad line... and her reaction was priceless. He then went on to his singing ability and how he could "hold a tune". I suspect he means he has once held in his hands a Nat King Cole CD.

There were also two dotty old birds in the restaurant. Took then 25 mins to eat a bowl of bloody soup. Talking about somebody called "princess" and horses. "Has he still got his ponys?", "no, just the stallion". Too many jokes so I'll stop...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good result

Very pleasant drive up this morning, amazing the difference leaving a little bit earlier can make (although, I just know I'm going to be knackered later!)

Great result for Aberdeen last night, 2-0 win over Motherwell. Hopefully it'll let the chairman (wiggy) open the purse strings a bit and we can keep Gary Dempsey (who's been offered a contract from Yeovil!). I see we're getting a new centre half, just hope that means we're not flogging any of our current defence who've been brilliant this season.

Off to stay in the middle of nowhere tonight in a little village as I couldn't get a decent rate in any of the usual hotels. I've stayed there before, cracking food but looking forward to some home comforts on Thursday. I suspect it'll be full of drunk Irish guys going to the horse racing at Cheltenham.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mighty Reds

A very full, but fulfilling day today. Working as I do with lots of different people doing similar roles, it's amazing the different tactics and styles people use. Some get on and do it, some need hand holding. I'll never get used to it, but might try and avoid the latter too much (mainly as it generates me more work ;-))

An unusual trip to the office home base on the banks of the Thames. I never usually go in these days (mainly as I either work from home, Worcester, Guildford or Farnborough) and it's always nice to see a few familiar faces.

Tonight I'm enjoying the Man U v Europe XI and trying to work out how on earth a Brazilian can play for Europe...The subplot and much more important game is of course Motherwell and Aberdeen which sees us after 35 minutes 1-0 up. Keep it up boys! At this rate, the mighty reds will be back in Europe next season in the UEFA Cup, no doubt playing (and getting thumped) by some obscure Swiss team in the first round. Well, will be the first European foray since 2002 anyway. Just need to beat Rangers on Saturday, and we could end up in the Champions League!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007


Ah, the joys of the first day back after holiday.

A wonderful holiday was spent on the banks of the river Danube in Budapest. A bit of a slow burner this one, not a city that immediatly grabbed us and said "yes, it's great to be here" but by the end of the holiday it's charms had kicked in and we loved it.

Day one was spent mooching about the Parliament building, but as it was raining we took shelter in a number of cafes having very strong coffee! In the afternoon we wandered round one of the museums, detailing the history of the country. It's a very interesting place and some of the words used were very carefully chosen (I may be being cynical) but along the lines of "the germans gave us no option but to help them" etc. Now, my world history of Hungary in the war is not up to much, so I may be doing them an injustice, but it did make a really interesting visit.

Day 2 was spent up at the castle and in Gellert Hill. Anyone who goes to budapest I would implore you to explain to me how on earth the Hilton hotel beside the castle got planning permission. I'll put up a photo later, but oh my god it's hideous!!

Dinner was had in numerous great restaurants, Cafe Kor was superb, as was a little place (which was SO cheap). Tom George was an incredible experience, although the food lacked a little from Cafe Kor and it's goulash. What was very good was the wine, and the price of drinks. We went to this very stylish cocktail bar and drank champagne cocktails for less than £2.50 - in London you'd be paying 10 quid for a similar drink.

Even sleazyjet with it's delayed homebound flight (an hour and 30 mins late, which was then met by South West Trains finest not managing to finish engineering works in time, meaning we had to wait for a train as well) means I'm quite tired today (got in the door at 9:40). However, the missus had to leave at 8 this morning to spend the week in Glasgow, I'm very glad to be working from home.