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Thursday, April 20, 2006

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Checkered meal

Well, a return trip to Chesters in Worcester was had last night. Service was slow last night, but with 3 others there the banter was flowing and lots of laughs were had. The place was busy but they seriously need to sort out the music, it was rubbish last night. Too many bassy dance tracks followed by chart pop - make your mind up! I mean, how hard can it be to chose the right music in a restaurant?

Food was fine, refried bean parcel to start followed by chilli beef Chimichanga and a mountain of brown rice. I've never seen so much rice in my life, it would have been enough for 3 people at least. Plus it was brown rice, which is so chewy it's unreal. Bit of salad on the side but it was very tasty. Far too much though!

Usual problem of refried beans is making it's appearance in the office this morning. May have to open the windows soon....

One of the guys mentioned that Bluebeckers for ribs, will need to check it out in surrey sometime. They seems to be a place in Hampton Court, could be worth a trip.

We ended the night going on, as all good techies do, about the joys of microcode and fixing someone elses code. Always a joy :-)

A quick mention must be made to the joys of the customer canteen. It's crap. Don't go there. It's the only place I've ever had a veg hotpot where the potatoes were not cooked through. I mean, how much effort does that take to get right!!!