A tale of a Scotsman living in SW london...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Glutton for punishment

I really am a madman. Last night I volunteered to go to Ikea on my own. I really should learn to think before opening my mouth. Anyway, the deed was done, and having spent a glorious 40 minutes on the car park that is the North Circular in rush hour, I got there. Amazingly, they had everything I needed, so a quick hot, skip and a jump and it was done.

Well, apart from loading the stuff in the car...I'd bought a small wardrobe to act as an overflow for the study. Only small wardrobes made from particleboard and blooming heavy! That, some kitchen units to cover up the boiler and a couple of shelf units and my job was done. Last night I made the wardrobe up (minus the doors and drawers). This has been a god send as the study has been very uncomfortable for a while as a result of a duff unit taking over the whole room. That and my missus leaving all her boxed up stuff that hasn't been unpacked since we moved in in there. I swear, I've nearly broken my toe three times in the last 2 weeks by falling over this stuff. Anyway, it's done now and looking good. It's a great feeling when you made some improvements to your home and they really work out well. Well chuffed.

Tonight will be quiet in preparation for a busy weekend - as it's my 30th next week it's the first round of parties this weekend. Bring it on!

Oh, and Come on Scotland!! Need a victory in the six nations to keep me in a good mood!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Strong lager hurts the head in large doses.....

Myself and a collegue took the client for dinner last night. Went to a very pleasant Thai (my favourite place in Worcester for dinner) having gone to the pub beforehand. It was then suggested that we go to the pub after dinner as well, which is fine, although the pub in question sells Staropramen. Three of those and I was feeling great (at the time). Back in the hotel, I fell asleep with the tv on and woke up at 4am with some really bad quiz show on which confused me just a bit. Went back to sleep and when I woke this morning I felt really rough!

Ah well, lessons to be learnt.

Talking of lessons to be learnt, you really would think people would learn not to run some systems on windows.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ikea....Well, managed to leave last night having only spent 26 quid. It has to be a miracle! Although this comes with a word of warning as there will be a further trip now that things have been measured up. It was also restricted as I'm a tad impatient and couldn't be bothered to wait to order a new mtaching kitchen unit to go over the boiler we fitted last year. Ah well, it's just delyaing the inevitable I guess.

Oh yeah, go to www.google.com and type "March 20th". I can hardly wait :-)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Today is a hectic day, as was yesterday.

Yesterday was spent busying myself with work - lot's to try and get done as quickly as possible to enable me to get with the next project. Evening was spent trying to organise my drinking habits.

It is my 30th birthday next week (Wednesday, since you didn't ask), so i have been trying to organise meeting up with friends to celebrate (if that is what you do on your 30th). It's now looking like a busy time!

Saturday brings with it rugby, so it will be spent in the pub watching England no doubt beat my boys. However as I live in London, this brings it's own challenges. Putting up with the gloating for example, when England beat a team that, to be quite honest, they should beat as they are (on paper anyway) a much better team. Saturday night will be be the first birthday party, but it'll be a few drinks and probably dinner in my little part of London. Sunday, the girlfriends parents, sister, her husband and two littles ones are coming over. That'll be interesting, as we've not seen the little ones in a while and the little one is only just over 6 weeks old. Only hope he's not sick on my sofa!

Monday night brings a gig at Shepherds Bush, with Beth Orton being on stage. Bit of a good one this, as it was the first gig I took the other half too so it has sentimental reasons, even if the music doesn't exactly uplift you, her voice does.

The main organisation has been with the Scotland leg of the birthday. This has proved to be chaos, partly as it's also the Grandparents 80th the same weekend. However, it's all taking shape and more details will no doubt follow.

Today however brings much sadness. For it is today that the much put off trip to Ikea occurs. Oh, be still my beating heart....Will let you know the outcome....

Monday, February 20, 2006

OK, so I said I wouldn't mention football much, but it's a Monday so that's ok. I feel really sorry for Alan Smith after what happened to him on Saturday. It's horrible the way it happened and I wish him all the best in getting his leg sorted out.

Secondly - what do Aberdeen have to do to get a top six place in the SPL! Everyone above us took points at the weekend which means we just stay in touch. However...a look at the run into the top six split shows that Caley have a harder run in so that should mean we end up with more points. You live in hope.....

The weekend - enjoyable trip to Kingston for some shopping yesterday. One of those weird trips where you don't go for anything in particular and come back with loads of stuff - the best kind of shopping! I should add that my other half did most of the shopping....That's women for you. Miserable weather though!

One of the other things that I should talk about is music. I really enjoy music of all sorts, and try to go to a few gigs (if it wasn't for the dates of them, or the cost of tickets, I'd go to more!). Recent find (courtesy of the girlfriend) is Jose Gonzalez. He did the music in the Sony advert for the Bravia with the bouncing balls in San Francisco (they actually did that for real - it wasn't CGI!!!). It's quite short, but very folky.

On the subject of gigs...We go to Brixton quite a lot as it's close to home, and they get great people going there. We saw Goldfrapp the other week, and while the music was superb there was one aspect that really annoyed me - people talking!! Now, I'm aware there will always be a certain amount of chat at gigs ("you want another pint?", "I love this song", "that dancer is very nice!" etc etc,) however some people go there for a social night out and chat throughout the while thing! The result of this is a build up of noise in the venue and during slower songs all you hear is the buzz of conversation. It ruins it, and puts the artist off. Damien Rice suffered from this a lot as his songs are mainly quiet. He offered to give everyone who was talking 20 quid & the booking fee to go home/pub/street/somewhere else. Your paying your money to see the artist on stage, not to chat to your mate you've not seen in a few weeks who's best friend is doing whatever. Please, if you want to go to gigs and catch up with your mates, just don't. You wouldn't go to the cinema and talk. You wouldn't go to the theatre and talk. So don't go to gigs and do the same. It's a live performance, enjoy it! Rant over....