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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Interesting what you can find on Microsofts blog - this guy doesn't seem sold on the potential Yahoo! deal. (also, how annoying is it to have to0 include the "!" after Yahoo? - almost as bad as "Monday")


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Aberdeen play Bayern Munich tomorrow in the UEFA Cup. It occured that they might, possibly, have a better team that us. Let's look at the evidence, based on International experience:

Kahn (86 caps Germany)
Sagnol (54 caps France)
Lucio (63 caps Brazil)
Demichelis (9 caps Argentina)
Lahm (37 caps Germany)

Altintop (25 caps Turkey)
van Bommel (40 caps Netherlands)
Ze Roberto (84 caps Brazil)
Schweinsteiger (48 caps Germany)

Klose (73 caps Germany)
Toni (32 caps Italy)

1 Langfield (Uncapped scotland squad member)
28 Maybury (10 irish caps)
4 McNamara (33 scottish caps)
5 Diamond (Former scotland under-21 captain)
23 Bus (Eh, nothing)
8 Nicholson (3 scottish caps)
19 Young (Former scottish under-21 player)
6 Severin (14 scottish caps)
27 Walker (Captain of england under-19's)
10 Mackie (1 scotland B cap)
16 Miller (1 scottish cap)
14 Foster (Former scottish under-21 player)
21 Considine (Current scottish under-21 squad member)
22 Maguire (Current scottish under-19 squad member)
20 Soutar (Eh, nothing)
9 Lovell (Eh, nothing)
11 Duff (10 scottish under-21 caps)
26 Aluko (Current england under-19 squad member)
3 Byrne (1 ireland B cap)
7 Ja.Smith (2 scottish caps)
15 Touzani (Former dutch youth player)
17 D.Smith (Eh, nothing)
18 Mair (Former scottish youth player)
24 De Visscher (Eh, nothing)
25 Jo. Smith (Eh, nothing)
30 Kelly (Scotland under-19 squad member)

On second thoughts, let's not...Even their 3rd choice striker has something like 22 caps for Germany.

Well, at least it's on early, plenty of time for drowned sorrows afterwards. Thank goodness for BBCi on red button who are showing the game live.