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Friday, September 21, 2007

Save the cheerleader, sav ethe world!

What can I say - I'm rubbish.

So what news you ask? Well, we might be selling our flat to a Belgium woman, who lives in Sweden, who's buying it for her son, who studies in London. Confused? I am...

Holiday was good, much needed week in the sun. I loved that area of Andalucia, such a nice pace of life. Coming back to London was depressing - too many people, going too fast through life, and with too little respect for each other. Oh, and here's something you may not have read - as of Monday if you get done for speeding and don't say who the driver was, the owner of the car will get double points. Just like that. That's the way to solve speeding people speeding. This country is run by bloody morons who think a yellow box will replace policemen.

This has all contributed to a post holiday "blue phase" - which I think is not helped by a build up of trying to do wedding stuff, move house, work and get organised for best man duties at weddings. Anyway, this in turn was not helped by my manager at work who I had a meeting with yesterday. Needless to say I was "pure raging" yesterday afterwards, so after a good meeting with a wedding florist at night (nothing like driving in London at night - much fewer cars!) I settled back to watch Heroes with a large Scapa. I'll need to write a whisky post sometime...And Heroes! Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!

Anyway, this weekend I'll be entertaining the future niece and nephew (although I've been Uncle all their lives, as the little one was only 4 months when I met her for the first time) at a Wallace and Gromit exhibition. This is either going to go well or badly :-)

Had to put the heating on last night for the first time this year - it's got so cold in London suddenly. So, I'm off to take the missus out for the night to cheer us up :-)