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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

OK, so here's the thing. I'm useless at keeping this thing up to date. I have no excuse other than I slipped out of the routine. Ah well, so be it, but I've been very busy!

So what's been going on in the 6 weeks or so since I posted last? Well, I've been to Amsterdam for a stag weekend (great fun, but the realisation that we were all over 30 made things interesting! Late nights and long lies were the order of the day, can't party like I used to!), been to Germany for some world cup games with a couple of very good friends living in a camper van (the less said about the van the better. It stank by the end of the 10 days, and was hotter than hell).

So what else? Well, I'm to be an usher at my mates wedding next year in September (thankfully, not the same weekend as my brother gets married, but only 2 weeks prior!) and I'm really looking forward to them both. It's a real honour to be asked and I'm chuffed to bits. Plus, it means I can now have an input into both stag do and the best mans speech. Fortunately, the German trip provided great input for both :-)

I've also been getting annoyed at the costs of running the car - having serviced it in January it now needs a brake fluid change (every 2 years apparently) at 120 quid!!! May need to see if I can do this somewhere other than a main dealer....

Right enough for now, got to check in to a hotel so I can watch the 2nd semi final of the World Cup tonight. Come on France! Playing well and led by Zidane, a footballing great if ever there was one.