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Monday, October 01, 2007


So, my broadband has been playing up today. It's got slower all day and then my PC blue screened when I tried to reboot it. Nightmare.

So I call the wonders that is our helpdesk. They directed me a broadband speed test website. It crashed and wouldn't load the first time I tried it as the speed was so slow. I left it as I had to collect a package in town, and said I'll do it when I get back. As if by magic, I reload the site and it's back to normal speed. Although, turns out that speed it rubbish...

When we eventually move house, I'll be ditching the work broadband and getting something else in where I control the speed - this is useless.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


10 finished a few hours ago.

Bit sore now, but at the time I felt I could have gone round again. It's a very pleasant route, but very rough in places and also a bit narrow which means you end up slowing down as some daft woman who thinks she is a sub 45 runner is actually an unfit duffer who's walking it. This is annoying, but a fact of life with these charity runs. The fact that they've entered the run is to be congratulated though and nobody is really that bothered but when your in your stride it's a bit off putting. It's very sad going round reading the notes people have on their backs for the reason they are running. Uncles, Aunts, Mum's, Dad's, or just photos of loved ones. It's an emotional thing but makes you realise the importance of helping out with money to fund the research into cancer. At the end of the day, you don't know who it's going affect, although (in my view) it should be funded by the government but there you go. I lost a very dear friend last year to cancer and couldn't stop thinking of the big guy as I ran round. He found out he had it in December, and was gone by February. Makes you think doesn't it...

Keep on running...

10K starts in two hours. Not at all nervous.

Good win for Lewis this morning in awful weather conditions! I wouldn't fancy driving my road car in that, never mind a 700bhp F1 car - true skill and bravery.

Yesterday saw various tasks completed, none of which are particularly interesting but all necessary. Ended with the rugby, watching a Scotland team inch past Italy - they really are a dirty cheating side who deserve to get beaten every time they play. It's not in keeping with why I love watching rugby, but I guess typical of certain natures - if you can't out-skill the opposition, cheat. And cheats never prosper ;-)