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Friday, April 14, 2006


With an impending trip to Barcelona on the cards it was suggested that last nights dinner be had at a new tapas place (I say new - autumn last year was when it opened!) in Ryanes Park. It's next to a great place called the Aviary and is owned by the same people. So we popped down to Bar 191. Ordered a very nice Vionier (they have great wine - lot of French stuff but always good). We had 5 things, of which the meatballs were great, but the star was the baked Aubergine. Loved it. The patatas Bravas were good, but were basiaccly big chips with some sauce on them. Not quite what I had in mind but very pleasant.

Good meal, great wine, and a very nice place. Staff were friendly and prompt service. And it came in under 40 quid. Superb.

They do mains as well as tapas, next time I'd try one main for sharing and some tapas to go with it - the pork kebabs looked fantastic.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Unrelated but interesting....

How come the mafia boss was found the day after Berlusconi lost the election....

Latin America....in yorkshire?

Saturday night was spent in Yorkshire visting friends. The whole weekend was fantatsic, it was great to catch up with people who we'd not seen in ages.

Saturday day the boys headed to play golf. I can't remember the name of the club, I'll dig out my scorecard as it's on there. Really nice place, they'd spent a LOT of money on it. Won the sweepstake there anyway on the National :-) Also, great food! Bacon and Egg butty - just what was needed at the time as the weather was blooming awful. Driving into the wind, I creamed a 3 iron only to see it get caught in the wind and travel 60 yards instead of over 200. Gutted. Good fun though!

Saturday night was spent in Bobo Lobo, a latin American place in the middle of York. Decor wise, it's great, although be warned - it's a LONG walk to the toilets and a LOT of stairs! My advice, stick with the Mexican stuff - huge platefuls and it looked and tasted great. Not as good as the mexican in Wimbledon (Tu Chicas - a local of ours) but still very good. A few beers afterwards - bar 1331 I think and once called Oscars. Such nice bars with late opening, what in my mind late night drinking should be about - decent music (not too loud), great beer and great company. 3am was a bit late for my bed mind, I'm getting on a bit these days :-)


Sunday, headed over to Cattal to meet my uncle and aunt who live in Harrogate. Was really nice to catch up with them, not seen them in ages. Went to the Victoria pub in Cattal for lunch - was fantastic. The Lime cheesecake was possibly the best I've ever had.

The weekend made me realise just what a difference the late night drinking laws make when you can be sensible about it. Around us it's just a cheaper night by not going to a club. Too much loud music and too many chavs wasted on Stella. I wonder if I should be looking to get out of SW London and find somewhere where the bars are more like those we found in York. Maybe I need to spread my wings and find other bars, I think there are a couple in the village here that may be better for what I have in mind, although I suspect the people in them will be less like what I would like. Will see....

Tonight, heading out for dinner but who knows where. The missus has demanded that we start the weekend with a bit of a bang as it's easter so we are off for 4 days. I'm all up for that :-)