A tale of a Scotsman living in SW london...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Went to Ikea last night to get some stuff for the new cottage. Why is it you ALWAYS have to buy candles in Ikea? We've still got about 500 tealights (and that's not an exaggeration!) left over from the wedding in a combination of colours, but apparently that's not enough! We usually burn 4 at time, so that's going to take us 125 days to get through that lot. Which is a long way away yet!

The new Verve album comes out next week, but they've put it up in full on MySpace so while I've been writing some slides I've been listening to it. It's epic. Proper old school music. It's good to have them back.

My car is in for an oil service today, so I've got a Mini Cooper Clubman for the day. It's good fun, and the interior is still as classy as ever (although I think there were aspects of the old interior that looked more expensive - a fair amount of plastic in this one on the center console.) It's slightly underpowered for me, I drove an old Cooper recently and it was a real rocket compared to this. But then it does have a lot more doors and no more interior space. It's quite funky though, so if I was in the market for an impractical small car, this would be it :-) It does have some very nice alloys on it though - powder coated black JCW special edition wheels, which are at least £1000. I'm so careful parking it, but why on earth would you fit them to a loan car!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Todays news is that there is no news!

Apparently we are moving desks in the office. Now, I have a nice desk in the office as it gets lots of natural light, which is brilliant. I'm apparently moving to a desk which has no natural light whatsoever in an area where you can't open the windows! Deep joy. But with my current date it's only for two weeks so will see. I'm not really sure why we are moving tbh, people want all the module team together but it's a bit late for that. Ho hum, I'm sure our great and wonderful leaders know what they are doing.

My car is going in for it's service tomorrow, so I'm being loaned a brand new 3 series saloon which is going to be interesting as it's an option for when I eventually replace my current car.

Holiday soon, so plans are afoot for some walking in the north of England for a few days which should be great so long as it's dry! After the honeymoon we decided that we'd probably flown enough this year on holiday so staying local is the plan.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A good weekend, Saturday was spent discovering the local area where the new cottage is. Ended up watching some Olympics on the new TV (it's SO nice!) with some friends who were cooking us dinner on Saturday night. On route we have to pass 4 pubs. We know this as we tried a couple, and have worked out a nice route for one lazy Saturday, which will end up in the Indian at the end of the route. Perhaps one for the forthcoming holiday!

Sunday was spent at Silverstone watching the GT racing. It was a good race, plenty of action with the Ferrari just beating the Viper who ran out of fuel on the in-lap after the race. Morale victory to Aston no 42 though, who was leading for 90 minutes until the driver change and never came back out as they couldn't get insurance for the 2nd driver and of course, no insurance brokers for race cars are open at the weekend. Which is surely a bit of an error on their part! Highlight though was the VW race, where any VW can enter. They are then equalised by weight, so you get a brand new Golf GTi competing with a Jetta, Beatles, Polos and perhaps my favourite, the Caddy van. Hilarious.