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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fancy a new job?

With all the uncertainty over project roles, I'm always on the lookout for jobs. For those who work in IT and fancy a new job, this one seems a nice way to spend the time. Personally, for that rate I'd clean toilets....

Hmm, I seem to have lost a post somewhere along the line. I'll summarise it for you...

Drove to look at houses - two of interest - identical houses, one has been done up, the other is a mess. So we might buy the one that's a mess. Typical eh?

Went to the wedding venue to see it again with the missus folks and one of her bridesmaids. It looks great, everyone loved it, and we're looking forward to it!

This week has been a "ticking along" week. Lot's of bitty pieces at work, lot's of little tasks to do at home relating to weddings and stag do's.

However, some interesting things for you to note:
HP announced that they are now a $100bn company. It's mad, the company is now worth more than double from when they let the woman take charge. It's taken $100bn in revenue in the last 12 months, which is a first for an IT company - serious wedge.

A chat with a friendly AA roadside guy the other day revealed that he spends most time with Freelander and Land Rovers, along with X-Trails. Now, he didn't say why. I just wonder - how many of the owners couldn't find the spare tyre strapped to the boot??