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Friday, June 15, 2007

going underground...

Sometimes, the feats on this planet astound me. They have just opened a new tunnel through the alps. At 21 miles long, it's the longest tunnel above ground in the world, and the 3rd longest ever. That's amazing. 21 miles is a very long way! They did it in 8 years, and I applaud them.


There have been some amazing feats in recent years of engineering. The bridge at Millau is just stunning. We were in France before it opened, but it was all but finished and the sheer size takes your breath away.


Just goes to show what happens when you get the best in the field together to complete a joint aim.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A good night last night, attended a University wine tasting at Malmaison in London.

What was brilliant was the guy who ran it - his job title is "Director of wine and Spirits", surely a job I could do? However, even better was his name - Jonny Walker!

New levels of despair today. Checked with my manager that we were still on for a quarterly review. She replied that yes, so long as the travel wasn't the only reason I was going there as there were still restrictions on meeting travel for internal meetings. Now, this is my manager, the person supposedly responsible for my career, who is restricted from travelling to meet her own staff - surely it's not just me that finds that very bizarre?????

Bean counters and processes, hold you back and get in the way.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Every now and again, you come across a wonderful piece of software. This is something else - if you store photos on the net and into mapping (GF) this is for you!

Two elements to it, the second half is unbelievable.

(I won't tell you who makes it for fear of prejudice! Interesting where the source photos are though). This to me is what was promised in Vista, but not delivered.

You can try it here:


Interesting couple of days focussing on scanning software. Very in depth but very powerful software and has got the brain juices flowing again.

Seems to be a bit of the usual press mis-reporting going on about Alonso and Hamilton. For example, it's all o ver the press that he thinks Hamilton was "lucky" to win on Sunday and the press are taking it as a pop at boy wonder. However, the full sentance reads:

"Lewis's win is good for the team. But it was very lucky as well as we were on similar strategies and if the safety car came out one lap before Lewis's stop we would have been eighth or ninth."

That is a valid point. Had Alonso been leading he would have pitted first (as is the leaders right) and he would have won and Hamilton much lower.

As they say, don't believe a word of truth the press say...

Monday, June 11, 2007


Another busy but most enjoyable weekend.

Spent the weekend with some friends in Yorkshire. They stay in an idyllic little village, north of York with views out onto open countryside. Cracking little place.

Saturday we all went to Whitby, the boys playing golf and the girls shopping. The golf was good fun, this being the first time I've been able to try out my new driver. It was immense. Every drive straight (bar one where I got over excited and tried to hit it too hard over some trees) and long. Very long! Had to play across a couple of ravines which was interesting, but easy with the monster club in the bag. A good round let down though by some lost balls. Not that I played bad shots to lose the balls I would add! I hit one at a house when i got the length wrong (very badly wrong...), one went into some mild rough never to be seen again and it's those that really annoy you. Ruined the overall score, but if I take the lost balls out of it it was a great round. Something to work on, you can't expect to pick it up from where you left off when you've not played in weeks.

Went to a great local pub called the Rose And Crown on the Saturday night. Brilliant food, would love to have somewhere like that on my doorstep.

Nice drive back in the new car, it really does make for easier motorway driving having the bigger engine. It's just got that bit more torque so it's a lazier drive. Just what I need!