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Thursday, March 29, 2007

This is my kind of music!!!

Absolute joy and music to my ears - Ferrari F1 cars through the years.


Nightmare trip

Phew, what a long day yesterday was! Trip to see some potential suppliers in Devon. All very useful. The scenery and sense of space down there was brilliant, loved it.

Got into my hotel at nearly 9, and (having left a different hotel at 6:30, was desperate for a good nights sleep) was greeted by the news that I'd been upgraded. What a room! Teweksbury Park have done up a lot of rooms, and this was just great with an ENORMOUS bed! So sat back, ordered some room service and watched Scotland get beat by the Italians. Good overall perfromance from a bit of a makeshift team.

Put it this way, we lose 2-0 to the Italians(that's the world Champions btw - last time we played the current world champions (france) we got beat 6-0), everyone agrees we played well but were realistic about the likely outcome. Unlike some other neighbouring countries we could mention...

I mean, if your team isn't playing well, your not going to beat anyone 6-0. Gerrard showed his class with a typical driving performance (even allowing for him dropping out of the game for a bit). Don't think he would have played like that had Lampard was next to him.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It's been a long day. Up at the crack of dawn (it was still dark actually) and drove up to Worcester. Busy day, lots of meetings, some of which actually had positive outcomes! Off to the hotel now then some dinner and some much needed kip! Tomorrow offers no respite - a 7am departure to drive to Devon for all day meetings. Can't wait for the weekend at the moment, can't come too soon!

Monday, March 26, 2007


I know someone who will like this quote....

"I've been told that my job as deputy pm is a bit of a knob-job"
John Prescott, before correcting himself. Personally, he may have been right the first time...

Write Off

I should have said yesterday - Sunday was a complete write off as a result of to much port and not enough kip. Still, we only need to do it all again for two days this weekend on the stag do (same people!)

Today being a work day will see me trail through reems of paperwork for expense submissions, so today is looking like a write off too. Total joy. There are better ways to spend my time.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


So a bit of a boys weekend has been had. We all got together in the morning and then went off and played squash for a bit. A bit turned out to be 90 minutes. Which is a LOT of squash. Not having played in about 8 years, I am today a physical wreck. My back hurts, my legs are sore but it was great fun so I'm going to play more (although, maybe not for a few days!)

Afterwards, we watched England struggle against 11 defenders, went for a curry and ended up playing some random dice game until 2am drinking port. One of those days...

Scotland had a cracking result against Georgia, although I think it's all going to come off the rails on Wednesday. I think the best we can hope for is a draw as we are missing so many players, but you just never know.