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Friday, January 04, 2008

Now, I'm a well behaved driver but I take an interest in the speed camera debate as it affects me as a driver. Came across this site, some interesting and knowledgeable people on there, discussing scameras and parking tickets.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back to work with a bump today. Quiet day catching up on admin and the activities that have been going on in the world of work. Quite nice to be able to do it all in peace!

Christmas passed with much fun and laughter, though with colds all round it wasn't quite as much fun as it could be. Wii caused much laughter all round - there is nothing like the sight of your 81 year old Gran playing Wii tennis... New Year was a complete washout, the other half managed to get this winter vomiting cold thingy, so we shut the door and packed her off to bed. Not exactly party time! Still, these things happen.

Many days have been spent looking at a new camera to supplement the Ixus we bought in late 2006. This one will be used for long distance and outdoor type shots, leaving the Ixus for indoor type shots in preparation of the honeymoon where we will be on safari in Botswana. Much research has gone into this, and an order placed, which should arrive tomorrow which is rather exciting. The rate of change is frightening - the new camera one of the new breed of bridge cameras with super zooms and has a 18x optical zoom on it. I've been very impressed with it when we tried it in the shop so cannot wait for it's first outing. Next on the hit list is a set of binoculars.

What else? Well, I spent a few days sorting out my photo library on the PC, having run out of disk space and with no upgrade option, having previously filled the spare drive slot with a DVD burner. So an external drive was bought, DVD burning for archiving taken place and a second copy placed on the drive. You can almost see the PC breath out as it gets disk space back!