A tale of a Scotsman living in SW london...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's hectic as anything, apologies!

Been listening to the Beatles a lot of late, before all the 40th anniversary of Sgt Pepper. It's really nice to go back to albums you've loved for years, but haven't heard in ages.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Well, the car has been delivered to me. And it's great :-)

I'm really annoyed at the Olympics in London today. What on earth is that shambles of a logo? Looks cheap, nasty, and has all the signs of a 40 year old bloke trying to be "down with the kids". Who then got very patronising on the radio about it all.

Get a grip.

Kids don't go the sports centre for other reasons other than it's not cool. They don't go because a PS3 or a Wii is fun, and some of the sports I did at school were definitely not fun. Nothing beats a of Daley Thompson Decathlon in the old Commodore 64, and I put the vreal track and field in that (mainly as I sucked at it).

Sports these days is all about skateboards and moutain biking - they've been made cool by people like Tony Hawks. Badminton isn't cool. That's why the nearest kids get to sports centres now is doing tricks in the car park.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Yesterday I met up with some people the Missus used to work with in Limehouse (it's in East London. No, I didn't know that either.) Anyway, as we walked down the road the italian was on, I see a pub called the Narrow. Now, I've never been anywhere near this area in my life, but I know about the Narrow as it's just recently opened, and is owned by a Mr G Ramsey. So, kicking myself that the missues friends hadn't booked us there, I went to the italian and gazed out the window wondering what the food is like.

After lunch, we went up to the Narrow. It's on a bend and as it was a glorious day, we stood outside with beer in hand. It's not badly priced, (75p cheaper for a pint of Peroni than I'd paid in Wimbledon the week earlier no less), and the food is slightly more than you'd pay in a pub, but no more than you would in a gastro pub. It's quite hard to gauge all the food prices as I've never seen calves cheek on the menu in the local boozer. The place is in a brilliant setting on the river, and will do well there. A return visit is in order on a sunny weekend soon.

A walk through back to Bank station (yes, we took the DLR back to Tower and not Bank...) meant a very pleasant wander through the city when there is nobody about. The architecture there is amazing and with it being quiet, we could appreciate it all the more.

Today has seen us prove a pub discussion from yesterday wrong. The missus reckoned that a bike ride from Wimbledon, to Richmond park, a complete circuit of it and back, would take all day. Pah! Knocked that out in 2 hours dead overall time, which included a stop for an ice cream :-) A mere 16 miles or so in total, and was great to see the deer out in force again. This afternoon has been quiet with trips to the supermarket and garden centre. The missus has spent most of it pottering about in the garden while I watched the touring cars race live (well, the bit I was awake for...) and then a spot of tiling to finish off a DIY job. Needless to say, I pooped :-)