A tale of a Scotsman living in SW london...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well, that's been a looong week so far.

Yesterday saw me go to York for a meeting. After getting the train from Leeds I walked to the office as I'd noted it wasn't that far away and I had a little bit of time. I needed the air to just get my head clear of one client and ready for the next one. As it turned out, it's going to be an interesting challenge, and I do wonder sometimes how people come to certain decisions. On getting back to Leeds I met up with my uncle who I'd not seen since the wedding in April last year. We went to Hansa's, a veggie curry house which was absolutely superb, followed by a beer in the pub next door which served loads of Belgium beers. Nice way to end the evening of chat about UNIX system admin, e-type Jags, cameras, and most of the night, bikes. He has a bit of a thing about bikes, in particular currently he's into Italian hand built titanium track bikes, coming in at over £3000 for the frame alone...

Today I've been in Peterlee, near Durham. It's not somewhere I'll be rushing back to for a holiday but it's been an interesting experience in understanding the current systems. However, the train has been delayed due to some clown commiting suicide on the line which I could do without. On the move now, just need to convince the guard that I don't need to change in York to get to Leeds to get a train to London as I've missed my Leeds train now. Best smile at the ready...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So, my first experience of Leeds is a japanese restaurant called Little Tokyo. It was a fantastic little place, food was excellent and the staff spot on. I can see it becoming a favourite.

The hotel is great as well. No need to bribe the staff with chocolates to get a suite here - I got one on my first visit! Nice decorated and quiet, and in the middle of the city you can't get any better. And it's cheaper than the hotels in Worcester, it really reminds you what a con Worcester hotels are!

Off out again tonight, think a curry is in order, though I'm going to have another tomorrow with my uncle who is desperate to go to a vegetarian curry house, and I'll be honest - I'm game!

Off to York for the afternoon and then onto Durham on Thursday, so lots of travel in the next few days. Next week doesn't look any better either, but at least it's mostly on the train (and in 1st class too ;-))

Monday, January 12, 2009

Long day...I suspect this place does long days, as most people are still here at 7 with no intention of leaving. Not fun, my eyes are glazing over.

Off to the hotel soon, will see what that's like. After 3 years in Worcester, and in a big city, you'd hope for better than Worcester offers!
So this is what modern train life is like - free wireless ;-)

Still didn't stop the usual chaos of the getting a seat. I'd pre-booked, but that all seemed to go out the window when the earlier train had been cancelled, thus trying to get two trains worth onto one. Never fun...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy but satisfying few days.

In preparation of someone wanting to buy the flat, we've been sorting stuff out. This has meant discovering stuff I didn't know we owned. Which included a foam axe. Bit random, and neither of us remembers buying it. Anyway, we've been quite successful so far, with wardrobe space being reclaimed and cupboards cleared. The study has never been as organised, which is always nice!

Went out for a walk in the afternoon round Richmond Park while the viewings were on. This turned out to be shorter than planned as it was freezing! It was -2 when we got out, and -3 when we got back to the car. People were being a bit stupid and were on the ice on the ponds, right in the middle, where it doesn't take a genius to work out that if it goes there they are in big trouble, but what can you do. Looked very wintery, so we retired home for a cup of tea which was most welcome.

Popped to Kingston this morning for a few bits and pieces. Bought some new work shirts, which Katy disputes I need, but could not argue with the sale prices :-)

Off to Leeds tomorrow, which should be good. Arranged to meet my Uncle for a curry and as I've not seen him since the wedding last year, it'll be great to catch up, discuss work (he designs Solaris systems), whisky, beer, curry and bikes. He doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to get him to build me one of his designs for road cycling. These things take time to design and build, and will be costly I suspect, but will be worth it. I know roughly what I want but I've no idea about colour yet. Will see what I fancy closer to the time, there is a lot of welding to be done first!