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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Use the force?

I got fed up with recieving an annoying pop-up warning on my chat program yesterday, so I upgraded to the newest version as I was told to.

As far as I can tell, the differences seem cosmetic, apart from one interesting option that you can select at log-on to "Work Offline". Now, this is an online chat program, so what on earth would you want to do with it offline????

Euro dreaming

Ah, what a night for Man Utd!

I had a gym induction last night (the guy looked bored until I turned up - I think he was keen to have something different to do, but nobody had told him I'm already a gym member and already have a program. The equiptment is not really up to date and they've obviously bought cheaper stuff than they could have, but it's cheap and will do the job nicely.

The result of this was that I missed going out for dinner with some collegues, however I did time my hotel room return to see United score 3 goals. At that point I decided against going to the Thai place round the corner and ordered room service to wtach the game instead.

It was a bit of a dilema - go and have a great meal, but miss what is a brilliant game of football, or order room service, expect to be disappointed, but get to watch the game. As it was, dinner was ok. Well, my baked potato was unedible in the bottom third, the bread of the garlic bread wasn't cooked but the top was burnt and the salad consisted of one sliced up tomato, 3 slices of gem lettuce, half a litre of balsamic vinegar and a lemon. It's a sad state of affairs that I looked upon it as better than expected!

Anyway, I was happy, great game and I can't wait for Liverpool tonight, hopefully to send 3 English teams into the semi-finals. Brilliant.

I should add, I'm desperate for United to win the Champions League again. As a club, they should have won it more, in recent years they should have won it at least twice. I want Fergie to win it, and this United side have played some of the best football in the Premiership and in Europe - I want the best footballing side to win. I can't help feeling - if Fergie leads United to another treble - would he retire at the end of the season?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April fools

I was a tad hungover on April the 1st, but stored these up for when I had a few April Fools from this and recent years.

One of the guys made a reference to Tony Blair resigning, but we were all too jaded and tired to take it in at the time :-)

This was a favourite - google does printing:

The internet over birds (the IETF actually made this one!)

America beat the Russians in the first ever Quidditch match
So, the fence is upright again - thankfully! Turns out my neigbour isn't much into DIY but together we fixed it. The fence post was rotten and had split as it was in the ground a long way but had not been treated with anything so was rotten right through. You could actually squeeze it and loads of water came out!!

Had great fun yesterday tidying the shed while the missus attacked the garden. I managed to do all those little jobs I'd been putting off for ages and the shed is now somewhere you don't mind spending some time. All the tools are now hanging up (although the missus has had to restrain my natural urge to draw all around them - she seems to think I'll want a flat cap if I do that). I will need a plan a trip to the local recycling place, and the tip to get rid of some rubbish but once that's done it's fully useable again. I even started to make a new door for the BBQ as the current one has rotted through at the base. The simple joys of woodworking :-)

Monday, April 09, 2007


Tiger loses his distance control in the final round of the Masters and a 200-1 shot wins. To be fair, I'd not have picked him anyway. Maybe it's an American thing, but the name Zach annoys me - don't know why and I'm sure people hate my name. Hence I'd have avoided him and picked a European. So, next up is the Grand National. I'm off to phone the missus Grandma, who has won for the last 3 years based purely on luck and chosing the colours she likes. In saying that, I won the sweep at a golf club last year so I can't complain, although only because it was the only horse left in the thing!

A bank holiday is never the same without a trip to the garden centre. So we went there today to get some bedding plants and some stones to finish off a path we made last year - they've not had the stones in stock since then. Never ceases to amaze me the amount of plants there, but I guess that's like saying it's surprising to see CD's in HMV.

Right, best get to the garden to put into a fence post or three before the fence falls over.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Love this weekend of sport - brilliant!

So, the boys from Oxford really helped me out by losing in dramatic fashion. I mean, how hard can it be to row up a very still Thames? Still, they are all bigger than me (except the cox) so I'll say well done - the 10 months of training was worth it.

I'm still in the running for the golf - come on in Tiger! Not quite as good if one of my 22/1 or 28/1 came in, but right now I'll just take a win! Fingers crossed.

Lewis Hamilton - you are a star. Two races in to his Grand Prix life and he goes round the outside of a Ferrai on the second bend. Good man, you've made me very happy - the look on Kimi's face at the end was also very much worth it!! I'm quite sure big Ron was loving that as well.

United blew it yesterday, they looked tired in midfield. Not as tired as me - I had to go the gym to watch it! Was knackered by the end. I can't wait for them to get a true out and out goalscorer again up front, picking up the scraps from Rooney and Ronaldo. If they had that this season, they would have walked the title by now (did somebody say Ruud?).

Bit of boxing news - Khan and Calzaghe win again - good for them. About time these guys went and boxed in the states though as it's easy for Calzaghe to win at Cardiff in front of 35,000 locals.