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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Balls. That was a bit of a one sided show...Ah well, fair play to Wilkinson, played very well for a man who has only played 40 minutes of club rugby this season. If he makes it through the championships playing like that, England have a chance at the world cup if they can keep him fit.

Still putting an each way on Ireland for the World Cup - NZ will win it easily.,


Today being a Saturday, it's always a day to look forward to. However, today is also the start of the Six Nations and, being a Scot surrounded by English (not strictly true, Wimbledon seems full of South Africans and Australians these days) it's going to be a good day. Hopefully I'll still think that about 5:40 this afternoon once we've made it 8 losses in 9 games for England! For the championship to spice things up (lets be honest, the Scottish chances of winning are slim) I've put some money on Ireland to win it. I quite fancy them to do well in the World Cup later this year as they are just peaking at the right time, Australia are not as good as they were but New Zealand are just awesome and I think everybody will struggle to beat them.

Off to see the in-laws later, they've been looking after the other half's niece (4) and nephew (1) since Thursday, so we're going in as backup to take over :-) So, lazy morning (might even try and wsah the car, something I've not done since November to my eternal shame) then an afternoon of being jumped on, pretending to be animals, and made to watch cbeebies. Great!

In other news, my mates have all realised what I've been saying for a year - that we're getting on a bit. A weekend away has been planned in July to celebrate one of our numbers 30th, and to mark a last weekend of freedom before 3 of us get married (including myself). Should be good fun, the plan is currently to go to Dublin for a music festival and camp, which has divided our number (half want to stay in a hotel, half don't). Personally, camping is part of it if you ask me, but the Monday after it would be a nightmare!

Bit of Saturday fun - I'd love to try this!!


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back home

Well, after a frantic few days with the client, I'm back home again now. I'm quite relieved in a way, it's always nice to be home and having the Friday being able to work at home lets me gather my thoughts on the week and get all the little things for work done that you can't do in the office. Downside is the wife to be isn't home yet, still in Scandinavia for another night before she gets home. It's a long week when she is away all week, and it means coming home is something to look forward to, but not as much as when someone is there to say hi when you open the door.

Next week I've been "volunteered" to go on a site visit with work. Which means getting the wellies, the waterproofs and long gloves out. Apparently the smell lasts a good 24 hours. Can hardly wait...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


OK, so I may have neglected this blog a tad (well, with a last submission date of August)

In the interim time, I've been busy trying to plan a wedding (since I proposed in September), got through Christmas, been skiing in france for the first time (that's skiiing, not going to France), joined a new gym and avoided going to it, and generally got on with stuff.

I'll expand on some of this in more detail over the next few days (better make that weeks ;-)).

I'll stop for now with a story from Jeremy Clarkson, who had written in his blog about how after Sundays episode of Top Gear he received a complaint from the Scottish Green Party. As he rightly points out, what are an environmentalist party watching Top Gear for? What do they hope to gain insight into? And the nature of the complaint? That they said "Speed Kills" at the end and didn't mean it. Pathetic....