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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Great night last night with my uncle. We spent it in a curry house (veggie only, which always seems to mean the food is amazing - Food for Friends in Brighton is another example of this) and the pub next door. Many varied discussions were had - the stupidity of stopping project Kangaroo (iplayer for all really), working with large IT and consultancy companies, how certain Indian IT companies always seem to have crap staff, cameras, amazing beaches (Orkney or Mozambique - the debate rages on!), steam trains and bikes.

And bikes are where I am most stumped. I've been after a new bike for years and my uncle is a frame builder, although he intends to only make one more. I may have asked him to make it for me last night.

I should add, this would be a special bike anyway, as he badges them up in my grandfathers name, and the colours of would be the Gordon Highlanders who my grandfather served for in the war. I'd also be tempted to go for Italian components, as he has been on at me for years to ride Campagnolo. Campag stuff is very nice, but a tad expensive!

Time will tell, but I think that's where my money will be spent this year...

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