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Monday, February 16, 2009

Nice weekend, not doing that much but still feeling like I achieved a lot. Does that even make sense?

So what thoughts today? Well I watched Utd thump Derby yesterday and it got me thinking - what can they realistically win this season? And I came to the conclusion that will win the league for sure, I can't see them losing it now. So that leaves the league cup against Spurs, which I think they might win, but it very much depends on the team Fergie puts out rather than if Spurs are good enough to win.

Champions league is a challenge I think. Inter Milan look very good this year under Jose, and Barca are flying in Spain and in their qualifying group. I suspect Inter might just be too good for Utd this season with a stuttering Ronaldo and a lack of goals, but Rooney is coming back, Vidic and Ferdinand are playing again, Evra is coming back, so you just don't know. It's possible - if they beat Inter I think they'll certainly get to the final.

So that leaves the FA Cup. I see no reason why they shouldn't win it, chelsea are a possible unknown quantity now under Hiddink, but should utd go out of Europe they'll win the FA Cup. If they are in Europe still, I don't think they will.

Who's on for a tenner then?

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